Diversified Gateway Berhad also offers high speed broadband wireless from 52Mbps up to 1.25Gbps for both Enterprise LAN and Service Provider mobile wireless network and metro access. The solution is based on FSO (Free Space Optic Technology) and is ideal to deliver the speed of fiber with the flexibility of wireless for connectivity distance between 10m to 5km.

Besides the Free Space Optic technology, wireless solution is also available in digital microwave radio/spread spectrum transmission technology. The said solution caters for both voice and data application over a public or private networks. The advantage of deploying the microwave radio is that it delivers very low bit error rate links that have high immunity to interference.

It can be design to offer point to point and point to multipoint solution from 64kbps up to n x E1 fetching a distance of 50km. The carrier grade microwave radio also incorporate radio links into a fiber based SONET/SDH network delivering speed of STM1 (155Mbps) and above as backhaul infrastructure, access and trunk networks, competitive local access network and enterprise/campus networks.

The applications supported over the wireless network include wireless local loop (WLL), Wide Area Networking (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Networking (MAN). The high performance links offered are ideal for frame relay applications and last mile feeders into optical and satellite networks. The obvious advantages of wireless connectivity are less time consuming and more cost effective as compared to fiber trenching.