Facilities Management Services

At each major city in Malaysia, we have our own service/data centre, manned by our staffs. These centres have been built with computer rooms where clients put their network equipment and run their nodal branch from here.

In a typical scenario, a data center will consist of a 10 feet by 10 feet space, with air-cons operating on 24 hours service, cable trays and distribution frames, UPS power points to support the equipment in case of power failure, anti-static carpeted area or raised-floor, availability of security card access, fire fighting equipment and the likes. Availability of equipment in the data centre room is optional, depending on customer’s requirement.

Currently, we have companies like Telcos, ISPs, financial services, insurance and private networks having their equipment located at such places. DGB rents out such facilities, manages the facility equipment like air-con, UPS, etc and also helps to maintain customer’s equipment and ensures that uptime is always in place and downtime is minimised and monitored on a 24-hr basis.