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Key to this success is our corporate policy of providing excellent services and product innovation to surpass customers' needs and expectations. Our engineers have successfully automated many of largest organisations in Malaysia including Service Provider, Oil & Gas, Financial Institute, ISPs, Manufacturers and Multinational companies.

DGB's strategy to increase sales and coverage is to work directly with our valuable customers as well as business partners. DGB provides solutions that comply with the latest industry standard and work very closely with business partners that are committed to new technologies

Our range of products DGB offers solutions on cabling, LAN, WAN, Telecommunications and Network Management systems. It offers a wide range of products such as


LAN / WAN Solutions


Optical / DWDM / SDH / MEN / Solutions


MEN/IXC Solutions


Network Security Solutions


LAN/Security Gateway Solutions


Traffic Management/Carrier grade DPI


Backhaul Wireless and WiFi solution


3G Mobile/Access Router


Intelligent Load Balancer / Bonding Solutions


Carrier grade Anti DDOS Solution


  Backhaul Wireless and WiFi solution