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Business Intelligence (BI)

ISS Consulting’s SAP Business Intelligence (BI) integrates all your corporate information. So you can turn data into information, information into insight, insight into action, and action into improved business operations.

ISS Consulting’s SAP BI helps you implement strategies for long-term success by delivering a solution that is:

  • Complete – ISS SAP BI provides data warehousing functionality, business intelligence tools, best-practice models, business analytics, and administrative resources.
  • Action-oriented – This solution includes tools that support workers at all organizational levels in making informed decisions.
  • Value-focused – With ISS Consulting’s SAP BI, you receive low total cost of ownership and fast return on investment.
  • Integrated – ISS Consulting’s SAP BI is powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, enabling seamless integration with SAP Exchange Infrastructure, SAP Master Data Management, SAP Mobile Infrastructure, and all other SAP NetWeaver.
SAP Netweaver

SAP Netweaver integrates people, information and business processes far beyond the most varied technologies and organizational levels. This technology brings together structure and unstructured information. With SAP Netweaver, you can deploy a services-oriented architecture and obtain more business value from existing IT investments.

SAP Netweaver reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and complexity across your entire IT landscape. SAP Netweaver is the most cost-effective integration and application platform available for building new, custom applications and integrating your existing applications and infrastructure. SAP Netweaver is specifically designed to help you to reduce costs, enable growth, and jumpstart innovation.