MR LAU CHI CHIANG - Chief Executive Offcier, Age 48, Malaysian

Mr Lau Chi Chiang was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Diversified Gateway Solutions Berhad (“DGSB”) on 14 April 2010. He was then appointed an Executive Director of DGSB on 6 March 2012.

Mr Lau graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Universiti of Malaya, Malaysia. He pursued his higher education and obtained his Master of Business Administration from Southern Cross University, Australia.

He started his career as an Account Manager at Innovest Systems and Services Sdn Bhd in 1989 and later left to join Digital Transmission Systems Sdn Bhd in 1991 as General Sales Manager until 1997.

In 1997, he joined Diversified Gateway Berhad (“DGB”) and currently also serves as Managing Director of DGB.


MR ROBIN LIM JIN HEE - Chief Operating Officer, Age 50, Malaysian

Mr Robin Lim was appointed as an Executive Director of Diversified Gateway Solutions Berhad (“DGSB”) on 14 April 2010. He was then appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of DGSB on 4 April 2011.

Mr Robin Lim obtained a Bachelor of Science specializing in Computer Science from University of Toronto, Canada. He joined Diversified Gateway Berhad in 1997 as General Manager and was appointed as Executive Director in 2003.

Having been in the information technology industry since 1983, he has been exposed to various lines of employment covering software customization to marketing. Some of his previous employers include AIM Computer Sdn Bhd, Computer Protocol Sdn Bhd and Digital Transmission Systems Sdn Bhd.



MR TAN CHEE PENG - General Manager, Age 43, Malaysian

Mr. Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA and thereafter worked as a Technical Engineer with Commax Inc, a system integrator in New Jersey, USA. Upon his return to Malaysia, he joined Digital Transmission Systems Sdn Bhd (a network integrator and a subsidiary of Lityan Holding Berhad) as a senior Network Engineer and was transferred to the sales department to assume the role of a Sales Engineer in 1996.

Mr. Tan joined DGB in 1997 as an Account Manager and was promoted to be the Manager of the Sales Department in 1998. Mr. Tan was then appointed to and assumed his current role as General Manager in 2011.

Mr. Tan has now been in the IT industry for over 20 years, having spent the last 15 years with DGB. He is presently responsible for the general management and sales of DGB and also has a special focus in the networking and telecommunication sectors where he has extensive experience in securing and overseeing system integration projects with large service providers and enterprises.