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Our remote offices will be able to provide nationwide support for most of our customers partically in the banking and financial institution.

Our remote engineers will be able to respond to any network outages as well.

Apart from these, DGB is capable in providing full fledge Facility Management Services (FMS) that can be customized according to individual customer's requirements. Currently, we have ISPs, financial services provider, WAN service providers and private corporate networks having their equipment located at our facility centres where their services cater for the particular geographical location's needs.

The benefits of utilising our FMS include the following but not limited to:

  • No hassle in looking for new offices.
  • Minimal CAPEX: To reduce initial investments by the customers as DGB is already well equipped with the set-up of renovations, electrical services and air conditioning system.
  • Minimal OPEX: The FMS charges are fully inclusive of space rental, utilities and maintenance.
  • Readily available Telco infrastructures - copper and fiber at most of the centres.
  • Options to connect locally to the current service providers thus reducing leased-line costs.
  • Options to use DGB Technical Support Services to provide 1st level up to 3rd level hardware support.

We offer the following facilities at our nationwide facility centres:

Basic Standard Facility:

- Full height partitioned rooms
- Space rental
- Electricity usage
- Air conditioning

Optional Facility:

- Raised Flooring System
- Fire Fighting System
- UPS System
- Structured Cabling
- Environmental Control System
- Card Access System